Intelligence 19

Intelligence 19

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Artificial Intelligence - rather than being threatened by it, familiarize with how it could help change the course of our professions for the better!

This is a key work for the College, join us on Thursday 17 October for Intelligence19 with Dr Jaron Chong.


Dr Jaron Chong 

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Dr. Jaron Chong is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Radiology at McGill University. He completed diagnostic radiology residency training at McGill University with an Abdominal Imaging fellowship at Yale New-Haven Hospital and a Masters in Health Informatics at the University of Toronto. He is also a member of the Canadian of Association Radiology's AI Working Group as Vice-Chair and member of the R&D Subcommittee, a Deputy Editor of Machine Learning for the Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and a member of the Canadian Royal College Specialty Committee AI Task Force. His clinical interests include Abdominal/GU oncologic imaging in MRI and CT modalities, with research interests in the appropriate utilization of medical imaging and AI-assisted augmented radiology.